Blog: My favourite summer corals


I just love summer makeup,its fresh pretty and you really don’t need to wear much as your skin will have a natural glow from all that sun…well we’d like to think the sun was shining! If you do want a bit of a boost I swear by Chanels bronze universal -bronzing makeup base. Its gorgeous!

One product that you do need this summer is something coral. It was all over the summer catwalks for 2014.My favourite way of doing it is using a lipstick and I have finally found my two must haves. Just a pop of colour on your lips and you can be transformed. For the bold and daring I recommend Lipstick queens ‘Jungle Queen’. Its a very bright reddy orange and looks fab with a tan. If your not so brave and would like something more subtle then go for YSL Rouge volupte shine in no15. Its a very pretty soft coral and would look stunning if were going for a smokey eye. Go on girls try them…a lipstick is the finishing touch!!


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